August 29, 2007

Last week I had a work meeting at a coworkers house in South Dartmouth, MA which is at the start of Cape Cod. His house is in a private secured neighborhood which is surrounded by ocean. The strip of land all the houses are on has been owned by Jeffrey's wifes family for years and years. Almost everyone who has a house there is related to Sara in some way. All the houses are small, old, rustic and have such charm. You feel the pace of life slow down as you enter and the simplicity of everything is incredibly relaxing.
We had a meeting most of the day and then took a walk that afternoon. The sign above, Caution Children, were posted all along the rode. Doug thought it would be funny to take a pic of my belly out by the sign. He was right, I love this picture-we printed a 8 x 10 and have it on our fridge. Zoey-the friendly dog you see running towards me wanted in the pic as well. She walked along side us the entire time. I am 31 weeks (7mo) in this picture.

(Mom -the skirt pic is for you-I know you have many of them already...I've been wearing it alot! Nothing like a trip to Martha's Vineyard to get a colorful skirt.)

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