June 03, 2009

A weekend of F-U-N

Hello my sweet friends. As we are hit and miss with the internet at our house I've decided to visit a favorite place of mine called PANERA. Many of you partake in this love as well. Isn't it a delicious place of relaxation? Hazelnut coffee and a chocolate croissant...oh so delightful. Over Memorial Day weekend we had a fabulous time spent mostly down at the farm in Unadilla. I took oodles of pics which we can't wait to share with you, so we hope you enjoy and maybe even decide to visit us sometime. Here's Evan:

We started the weekend with a bbq and my cousins came down to play with us. It was so great.

This is Caden, he's my littlest cousin.

This is Caitlynn and Callie, they're my girl cousins.

This is Cooper with my Gpa. Cooper is Caitlynn & Callie's brother.

After lunch we all went fishing! Well I took a nap but everyone else had a blast!

Aunt Amber caught a fish.

Uncle Chris caught a fish.

Daddy did.

Caitlynn did.

Callie did too.

The girls had a lot of fun on the paddle boat.

Urghh...closing time...stay tuned for more weekend fun and pictures galore.