April 29, 2008

they think we're older...

Yesterday Travis was talking with our neighbor Jason. He and his wife have a lil' boy and a lil' girl. Jason prodded Trav about how old we were so Travis told him we both were 27. Jason was surprised at that answer saying they thought we were older. Jason is 26, his wife Lindsay is 29, and we thought they were older. But this brings us back to the point of THEY THOUGHT WE WERE OLDER! I don't think I've ever met anyone who thought we were older than we are. Now we're trying to figure out what we're doing that makes us look older. Do I need to color my hair again? Is Travis hunting too much? Travis and I were shocked and laughed it off...but again...they think we're older. Aye-yi-yi.


Can you believe it? Evan is 6 months old! We visited our new doctor yesterday for his wellness appointment. We found out that our lil' man is in the 98% overall for his age. He is 27 1/4 inches long (76%). He weighs 16.2 pounds (24%); and his head is 45 1/4 cm around (85%). That said he is long and strong just like his Daddy.
Dr. Davey was wonderful and immediately made friends with Evan. We are starting to eat cereal and He gave us a meal plan to start working on. He thinks that Evan is just Lactose intolerant and suggested that I start bringing back whey, casein, and soy into my diet. If Evan tolerates those we can play around with slowly bringing back dairy-YAY. Dr. Davey even thought Evan might grow out of it by his 9 month appointment. That would just be awesome!
We were all smiles until nurse Judy started with the shots! Evan was cooing and smiling and then all of a sudden got a very serious look on his face and the seriousness turned into a painful cry. My poor baby! But soon he was back to smiling. He has 4 marks where the needles went it, 2 which have bruises. He's also ran a low grade fever and was very lovey this morning-I love that.

So our little boy is Six months old. He is constantly smiling. Rolling over. Pushing himself up when he's on his tummy. Reaching for toys. Eating cereal. He is a lean machine. Mama and Daddy love you so much Evan. You are our precious gift from Jesus!

April 16, 2008

Sweetest Boy

Hello world
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Evan. My sweet love. You are such a joy. You are funny and oh so curious. You love your blue bird, and your monkey George. You have the greatest smile. I love how when you wake up you just lay in your crib and look at your hands and feet. You coo at your monkey George(thanks Brennan) and have started to reach up to pull down your music lamb (thanks Carolynne) You squeal and kick your feet when you're really excited. You've started to push out your lips and tongue when you're sad and upset. You love your Daddy, but always want your Mama. (Mama loves this) Please keep learning and discovering. Keep laughing and smiling. Keep being the blessing you are.

April 14, 2008

rockin 'n' ROLLIN

We're rockin 'n' ROLLIN now. Evan has reached another milestone. He's an expert with the amazing-roll over trick-which means Mama & Daddy need to baby-proof even more. Each new stage Evan reaches is so exciting. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful son who fills us with so much joy.

April 11, 2008

it's What out...

Yah...it's SNOWING...in April.

We woke up this morning to not only rain, but snow too. I guess that's Nebraska weather for you-always changing. We pray this is the last snowfall for a while so we can get to planning and planting our garden. We're reading about how to take care of our yard and how to plant a garden; and we're eager to start.

Evan and I are off to Lincoln so Mama can get a haircut.

April 03, 2008

hello anybody????

Can I get a little help here? Stop taking pictures and get this thing off of me, don't you see I'm pinned down? Gosh...Parents-what are ya gonna do with'em.

April 01, 2008

I've been cheating...

Cheese Crotch
and have now discovered that my lil' snitches here and there really are a big deal. As you know we are trying to see if Evan is MSPI so we eliminating Dairy, Soy, and Nuts from our diet. This is very difficult for us as we LOVE cheese, milk, asian, indian, bread....the list goes on and on. Now we are reading every food label, which is something Travis did anyway. Over the weekend Travis went Turkey hunting with his dad, so I spent the weekend in Lincoln. I discovered that it is REALLY hard for me to eat when I'm not at home, so I cheated a little here and there thinking that it wouldn't be a big deal. I know that when you drink alcohol or caffeine you need to wait 4hours for it to pass through your system-I was thinking this was the same for Dairy. I WAS WRONG! I read on kellymom that it can take 10 days -3 weeks to eliminate the milk protein from your system. That means every time I cheat have milk or cheese I am just starting over from the beginning.

We're not even sure if Evan does have MSPI. This is just a trial period to see if we notice a difference in his stools. So far I'm not sure if we do. Which makes the diet even more frustrating. Please pray that I can stick with it and that each time I am frustrated that I remember it could really be helping Evan. We love food and the challenge of cooking MSPI free is exciting and tiring at the same time. So for now I will just dream of cheese...