July 16, 2008

Deep thoughts

Would/Does Satan use my child as a distraction from my time with the Lord?

Yesterday this thought crossed my mind and I felt disgust and anger boiling up inside. At the thought of anything/anyone using my child against me makes the sirens go off the armor go up. It reminded me that there is a constant battle going on and that my God is always fighting for me-His child. I will fight to protect Evan the same way God fights for me.

Many times lately when I am spending time with my Lord-Evan needs me and interrupts our time. Sunday mornings at church are the same way. I get through worship and am ready to listen to what Pastor Matt has to say but Evan suddenly becomes restless and I have to leave the auditorium. Now I know babies will be babies and need our constant devotion but the timing of Evan's outbursts are sometimes questionable. Hence my first question; Would Satan use my child as a distraction from my time with the Lord? I sure would hope not. But it means this Mama must be ready for battle at all moments of the day.

July 11, 2008

I'm Listening

Yesterday I was standing at my kitchen sink looking out the window. My thoughts focused on the question of how can my God relate to me whenever I need him--when there are so many other people in the world who need him at the same time? See I know my God is just that big, that he constantly surrounds all his children. And because I love him, he loves me even more. But still the question arose.

Then the strangest thing happened the same time those thoughts entered my head. I very clearly heard the words, "I'm Listening". That's all, "I'm Listening". Again I heard them and I my eyes slowly darted around the kitchen in wonder if I really did hear it. The internal voice is such an amazing thing. The dialog that goes on in my head can be so sporadic. But then when it is interrupted with such clarity, I know it is my Lord asking for my attention. So the rest of the afternoon I spent thinking about what it was I wanted to or needed to say. I'm still not exactly sure what I want/need to say. But I know He is patient and is assuring me that He IS there to listen. He just gave me a nudge to start the conversation.

July 09, 2008

Happy Anniversary my Sweet Love!!!!

It's been four years...and I love him even more today than I did before.
Aargh to my Matey! I can't wait for more years together as we build our story.

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary to our good friends Katie & Zach Schlegel.
Yesterday was their big day. We love you two!

July 02, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary to our dearest friends Troy & Amy Douglas.
We love and miss you very much.
Keep being the rock-stars you are!